Customers, clients, and visitors pull into a parking lot and immediately begin formulating their first impressions of your company. You may lose potential customers if they can not conveniently enter your business. If have to search for a spot, maneuver a dirt path, a bumpy ride, or dodge potholes, they may not even bother coming inside. A clean parking lot should be welcoming, easy to navigate, and safe for your customers and clients. This is the first time you have the ability show your property and your customers that you care.

What Does My New Parking Lot Need?

A well-kept parking lot should always include crosswalks, efficient traffic flow, loading areas, stop bars, and proper markings and striping. PSI Paving in Louisville, KY can provide all of these parking lot paving services by personalizing each job to the exact needs and specifications of the customer. We can help to preserve or improve the flow of traffic with custom striping, make your lot safe for vehicle and pedestrians, and create an inviting entrance.

Asphalt Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance

Blacktop Parking Lot Paving Contractor in Louisville KYAll asphalt parking lots should be evaluated about once a year to look for any cracks or holes that are ¼ to 1-inch wide. The best time for blacktop repairs is in the spring, once the weather turns warm. This allows you to see if there is any damage leftover from harsh freezing, quick thawing, or snowplows in the area.

We also inspect storm drains, sinking, deterioration, and look for any indications of problems below the surface. Repairing these small issues early prevent large problems down the road.

We also evaluate your blacktop surface for indications of sealcoat fading. PSI provides complete asphalt repair and maintenance services to be sure your business is taken care of.

Your Parking Lot Paving Experts

With each job, PSI provides a completely transparent estimate free of charge. Our paving contractors will come to your business and evaluate the entire property to determine whether the parking lot needs basic maintenance, resurfacing, or a more substantial overhaul.

We then formulate options within your budget to ensure that you are satisfied and your customers are safe. We have all necessary equipment and expertise in house so we don’t have to bring in additional contractors for striping, curbing, walkways, or crack-filling.

We are fully a licensed and insured paving contractor, with years of experience with large and small blacktop projects for both residential and commercial properties in the Louisville, KY area. Tell us what you need and the experts at PSI Paving will provide solutions to help extend the life your asphalt parking lot and increase business traffic. Give us a call today!

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