If you live in or near the Louisville, KY area, you understand harsh winters and hot summers. The drastic changes in climate can wreak havoc on your asphalt surfaces. Over time, your driveway or parking lot will begin to deteriorate, and if not properly maintained can lead to large potholes, unsightly cracks, and unsafe conditions for your family or business.

When blacktop deteriorates completely, the repairs can be extensive and costly. For that reason, we recommend a regimen of sealcoating and resurfacing on a regular basis to protect the surface you have and preserve your property for decades.

What is the difference between asphalt sealcoating and resurfacing?

Most professionals agree that both sealcoating and resurfacing are essential pieces of proper paving maintenance, but what’s the difference and when do you do what?

Blacktop Sealcoating Services in Louisville KYResurfacing is a structural repair. It includes patching and then resurfacing of the entire area with new paving. It is used to extend the useful life of the surface by laying up to three inches of blacktop to the existing surface.

Sealcoating is similar to painting a house, it protects and extends the life of the blacktop, but is not a structural repair and does nothing to correct flaws. As a result, asphalt sealcoating is less expensive.

When to Resurface?

As you look at your own driveway or parking lot, look for areas that are rutted, broken, or where the surface starts to look like an alligator hide. If you see areas where you just can’t crack fill anymore, it is time to resurface. If you have sealed the asphalt several times and you can still see cracks big enough to put a butter knife into, sealing is not the answer and it might be time to consider resurfacing.

When to Sealcoat?

The most important time to sealcoat is within 12-24 months after the initial paving installation. This gives your blacktop a clean, shiny, hard surface that forms a protective coating on top of the paving surface. Sealcoating too soon after installation does not allow the blacktop to cure adequately, but waiting too long can lead to premature cracking of the surface.

The average blacktop driveway has a lifespan of 10-15 years. Asphalt sealcoating with regular upkeep can extend that lifespan another 5-10 years, possibly doubling the lifespan of your driveway. Sealing any asphalt from a residential driveway to a commercial parking lot is the best way to depressions, cracking, potholes, oxidation, damage from spills, water penetration, UV rays and seasonal cycles.

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